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Katahdin Industries provides high-tolerance coating applications and specialized metal-finishing technology and services to the medical device and industrial markets through platform-focused subsidiaries including DCHN, Precision Coating, Medi-Solve Coatings and Sanford Process.

Headquartered in Dedham, Mass., with operations in Woonsocket, R.I., Katahdin has earned an industry reputation as an innovative, high-quality supplier. Katahdin's technical and product development expertise, strong facilities and problem-solving culture have resulted in a track record of successful service performance for its customers.

Each subsidiary is an expert provider of the services it offers. But mastery of the technology is only part of our competitive differentiation. Developing unique capabilities to handle specific applications, whether coating medical wire or finishing orthopedic equipment, allows us to provide these and other related services at a superior quality level and lower cost than other service providers.

Katahdin's coating operations are conducted through Precision Coating Company, Inc., one of the largest plastics coating applicators in the world, specializing in PTFE and Teflon® coating applications in the medical device market. A separate co-located company, Precision Fabric, is a worldwide distributor and converter of PTFE-coated fabrics, tapes and belts. Specialized metal finishing services are conducted through DCHN, LLC, an industry leader in technical aluminum and other related services. Sanford Process Corporation provides hard-coat anodizing solutions, as well as licenses the company's intellectual property, to a range of well-known OEMs and their prime subcontractors worldwide, with an increasing presence in Korea and China.

Katahdin seeks to acquire expert service providers and formulators with a strong history of innovation, current facilities, dedicated customer service, and high-quality management. The company's acquisition strategy is flexible, offering the potential for owners to retain a stake in the business. By leveraging Katahdin's capabilities, acquired companies are able to increase growth and profitability by focusing on their customers and technology needs while expanding sales and marketing reach.

This is what Katahdin means by "The surface is only the beginning."


DURALECTRA, INC., a Massachusetts corporation (the “Corporation”), was dissolved pursuant to Articles of Voluntary Dissolution filed with the Massachusetts Secretary of State on May 5, 2017. This notice is being published in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws (“MGL”) Chapter 156D, Section 14.07(b). The Corporation requests that persons with claims against the Corporation present them in accordance with this notice. A claim must include the following information: (a) the name, mailing address, and telephone number of the claimant; (b) the facts supporting the claim and the amount claimed; and (c) any other information that may assist in evaluating the claim. The claim must be sent to: Duralectra, Inc., 51 Parmenter Road, Hudson, MA 01749, Attention Timothy P. Cabot.

The assets out of which any unknown claim against the Corporation, including unknown contingent claims, may be satisfied will be limited as provided in MGL Chapter 156D, Section 14.07(c) unless a statement of the claim is received within three years after the publication of this notice.

This notice is not related to Duralectra-CHN LLC (DCHN), which continues its normal business operations.